Get ready to rescue or get me a completely new engine?

We know it all too well: engine failure, the engine is broken. The reason no longer matters. A new engine is needed, but if the economic factor weren't the decisive argument.


Economical total loss or continue with a used engine !?


We at the engine shop offer you used, reconditioned and new engines that you can install in your vehicle ...

Whether diesel engines, gasoline engines or electric motors. From short engines to complete engines. You will find an overview of our exchange engines on our website.

You can get directly to your engine by entering the desired engine code in the search field above.

We also have a large shop on Ebay.

Buy used engines, buy reconditioned engines, buy gearboxes - of course in the MOTORENSHOP, your address for used and reconditioned exchange engines and gearboxes.

Our range includes used exchange engines & engine repairs,

as well as used replacement gearboxes & gearbox repairs,

It is supplemented by control units, ABS blocks and much more.

We carry gasoline engines, diesel engines as well as electric motors for cars and vans. Likewise the matching gear.

Almost all TSi, TFSI, Ecoboost engines from year of construction 2007 are also available.

In cooperation with various partners and suppliers, we have a comprehensive engine warehouse across Europe.

We have replacement engines and gearboxes for almost all vehicle brands.

Whether engines for small cars, station wagons, family carriages, VANs, off-road vehicles etc. up to sports cars - you will find what you are looking for with us.

We work with various auto parts exchanges and can therefore answer your inquiries in a targeted manner.

We hope that we can convince you with our services and therefore ask for a rating on Google.